My Bulletproof Coffee Review: You Got Try It Once Before You Die

Coffee is a beautiful substance given to man. I mean what would I do if I couldn’t get my hands around a hot cup of coffee in the morning to help wake my senses up to the day ahead.

Well there is a brand new way of making a cup of coffee in the morning. This new way to make your coffee taste awesome is called Bulletproof Coffee.

What makes the Bulletproof coffee recipe so unique is that you add butter instead of milk or cream and you add something called MCT oil. Yup I said butter that yellow stuff you save to put on your slice of toast for breakfast seems it should go int he coffee as well.

However, the secret is not just any old butter it needs to be grass-fed and unsalted butter. Do not try margarine and o not try salted butter. I can vote for those two as then the coffee is terrible and makes you want to puke it is so gross.

The next special ingredient is the MCT oil. This stuff is highly refined coconut oil to section out two parts to it. You can purchase the Upgraded™ MCT oil or Upgraded™ Brain Octane oil from Personally I put the Brain octane oil in as I wanted maximum effect and give it another thumbs up there the stuff rocks.

Lastly it is all about the beans. I thought I was a coffee connoisseur before entering this crazy biohacking world. Well turns out I had a lot more to learn. The Upgraded™ coffee beans from the Bulletproof Executive, Dave Asprey are meant to be mold-free. This means they have low to no levels of mycotoxins which can warp your brain function. From a taste perspective I must admit it is smooth, not bitter and I don’t get any coffee shakes on the stuff, even black coffee.

Overall my Bulletproof coffee review is that the stuff is a must at least once i your life. I do suspect that it won’t be a once off event and you’ll want to try drink a cup of butter coffee made this way for a few days at least. Go ahead make you day bullet proof.

bulletproof coffee review

What is a Doctor of Chiropractic?

Have you been wanting to see a doctor to help sort out your backache or neck pain? This is such a common problem people are walking into with all the time. I’m sure you know or have experienced a headache or migraine that needed some sort of pill to get rid of the pain. Instead of taking a pill there is an alternative option. This option is called going to go see a Doctor of Chiropractic.

It really isn’t alternative therapy, but should be a first port of call to get an assessment and just see if your spine is well aligned. Maybe a simple adjustment on your back could sort out so many problems in your life. Check out the two videos above for some great information, maybe this article on wikipedia or finally go check out my go to resource go at